About me

I sit at the intersection of software engineering, data science, and creative programming. As a generalist, I’m able to choose the right tool from a wide domain, spanning from machine learning to data visualization, and from efficient algorithms to statistical methods. I’m always looking for ways to increase the quality of my work and make better informed decisions. My work is continuously guided by the needs and wants of people, and I aim to help them achieve bigger and better things.

To kick-start my professional career, I joined Deity in 2019, where I learned about all the wonders of the web. I learned React, which empowered me to build any UI we needed. I enjoyed building complex components with a focus on interactivity and responsiveness. Through building out our GraphQL API, I realized how graphs and schemas made development so much faster and more robust, especially in combination with TypeScript.

During my master’s education on computer science & engineering at TU/e I learned to do independent research, becoming fluent in the academic language. I was amazed by the world that opened up to me, giving me access to the cutting edge of technology. I learned to dig through the literature and find the best bits, combining them to create something completely new.

In the final year of my studies, I found a compelling subject in graph databases. I like how they let you structure your data in any way you like, free from technical distractions. But if we want to have good reliability, usability and peformance, it can be incredibly useful to set some limits on this structure. But it turned out that this was not very well supported, even at a theoretical level. And that’s why I decided to write a thesis about it.

Besides all this computer stuff, I like to go on walks and take pictures, and I share some of the results on Instagram. I was also on the board of the student photography association Dekate Mousa for a year. Next to that, I read things and sometimes I play the piano!

I’m excited to dive deep into the next thing!